Go Gratitude

Go Gratitude

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 9 & 10 Friends and peace make the world go round

So day 9 was the art of being with friends. No pictures to share, but love in my heart and gratitude for having 2 amazing women in my life. We celebrate each others birthday with dinner and way tooo much wine. But there is never too much fun when we get together. We share stories about our kids and our families. We give advice, we take advice and we feel free to say how it is. We determined we have been celebrating our birthday's for about 14 years. It just gets better with age. I look so forward to our birthdays every 4-5 months. It is so special. Women are very lucky to be women. We get to have bonds with other women and most men never get to experience the closeness with other men that women can have with each other. We get to have girls night out and drink martinis or wine. Women will use any excuse to get together. We use purse parties, jewelry parties, wine parties, clothing parties to get together, when in fact all we need is some wine and chocolate and we are celebrating just being with the girls. We are sooooo lucky!! I would raise my wine glass in celebration, but a little too much Malbec last night! So i will raise my water glass with an advil chaser to all girls out there!

Here is to Peace, Love, gratitude and Birthdays with Friends!

Day 10: Peace Collage
alphabet beads
glass bead flower
ornament painted with the peace sign
recycled vintage buttons
recycled sweater
upholstery tacks
type-writer keys
mah jong tiles
recycled bird from antholpologie
St. Christopher medal for peace
Sea glass found on Don Pedro Island, FL

So much fun to make. You can never have too much Peace around. although I am going to have to find a place for all my projects or make smaller projects. What fun is that!! That's what walls are for.

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