Go Gratitude

Go Gratitude

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 4 Happy Birthday to me!! Anybody know a good place to have custom artwork made?

Today is a special day. Not only is this the day I was born but the day, my birth mother made the decision to give me up for adoption. A decision I am sooooo very happy she made. A decision that allowed my parents to provide unconditional love, a loving home with support and a wonderful sister and 2 great brothers. I could not of asked for anything more in my life. As my mother also said to me, say a prayer to for your birth mom on your birthday, because it had to be a tough decision to make. So today my peace, love and gratitude is dedicated to my birth mother and to all the moms who make the loving decision to give a child up for adoption. It is a gift you have given me every day of my life for 46 years. Thank you!!

So because it is Day 4, I am still connecting to my Peace, love and Gratitude project. Today, I created my "symbol" for the project. Maybe I will make stationary for the occasion Any body have some connections? That is the first picture. It was fun to make and after several versions, this one felt right.

The other special thing about my birthday, is my mother in law, who rocks, sent me the most amazing quote, a quote from Buddha. The quote makes me realize how lucky I am in my life. Because she had the quote made, it is a part of my art project and it is my b-day, so I am breaking the rules to share the quote and to express my gratitude for so many people and things in my life. So here is to the sky and looking up everyday!!

As I was looking up into the sky being so thankful for celebrating another year with family and friends, iI noticed on our crabapple tree a large number of robins eating the berries off of the tree. They were having a 6 course meal. They did not seem to mind me in the window taking pictures of them. I am sure by the end of the week the tree will have very few berries left on the branches. So I was happy my husband planted the tree and now the robins have some winter nourishment as they fly into the sky and laugh, because it is a perfect life for them. I need to borrow my friend Janet's camera for better pics!!

So as I wrap up day 4, I am surrounded by peace, love and gratitude for this wonderful day! Thank you to so many family and friends for your love and support. So now I need stationarypeople!!

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