Go Gratitude

Go Gratitude

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 6 and 7 rolled into one!!

What a day Friday was. I basically worked a 16 hour day because of travel and just had not energy left to post to the blog. So glad Day 6 has moved into Day 7. Day 6 was a life lesson. You can never judge a book by its cover and you can never trust the book, because the chapter does not always end the way you anticipated. I would of said hoped for, but "Hope is not a strategy" So we move forward to start a new chapter and learn from the previous chapter. So any advice on writing a book? or at least a new chapter in  a book? Or maybe just a new strategy.....

Yesterday, i pulled out a belt buckle I made a year ago from old earrings and necklaces. IT is gorgeous!! There is a fall bronze look to it with glitz and glam to show off! This is a piece I wear very sparingly. IT can be over powering. Well some might say that would fit me just fine. Lately I try to keep my over the top edge for the ones who enjoy the energy. Thanks to all my buddies!! So this is for all the midwest cow-girls out there who are urbanites, who says you have to have a horse to ride high in the world!! AIM high and never look down!!

Day 7 was going back in my story to my love of knitting. I still remember when my grandmother-in-law taught me to knit 8 years ago. It was Christmas at the Cabin in Idaho. She had so much patients and understanding of how my type A personality has a hard time of not being in charge of the situation, but letting go and respecting her 81 years of knowledge to guide me. So for me learning to knit was a a new experience and also a joy. So when I get the needles out and start a project, it relaxes me and puts me in the calm zone with yet a feeling of accomplishment, which nurtures my type A personality or on the enneagram, my 8-ness. So the project I did today, was easy and fun. I made a cowl. IT is on a size 15 needle. Cast on 15 and really make it to fit your neck. It was quick and easy and I think it looks pretty good. So stay warm wherever you might be physically, spiritually and emotionally. It's all good!!

Love the colors!!

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