Go Gratitude

Go Gratitude

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 5 Wearable Art

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize", STEEL Magnolias

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Jewelry. Even when I did not have pierced ears, I would still walk around with clip-on earrings, until it just wasn't cool. So when I was 10 I got ears pierced. What a big deal that was for me. This only deepened my love for jewelry and for a glamorous look. I still have a love of jewelry, so much I have taken classes to make jewelry. I have even taught classes on how to make jewelry. It is lots of fun to share my passion for jewelry. The project I did today takes my collection of old and broken or missing parts to create a beautiful pin. The fun part of this piece showcases my love of jewelry, bling, tulips ( my favorite flower in the whole wide world) and the color red. It is a home-run in the world of creative art for me. 

The pin is made from an old broach that lots its flower and all that was left were the leaves. The crystals are old austrian crystals with amazing shine. I could not throw the glitz away, so I found and odd clip on earring, very poignant for the project, kind of back to where I came from when I was a little girl, and that became my red tulip pin. Tulips represent my relationship with my dad. He would plant a tulip garden every year and I would cut the flowers in the spring to have fresh flowers on the table. It is a  memory I love and think of so often. My father taught me the importance of gardening and a love of the 4 seasons.  I am not sure where the color red came into play. Red is me through and through. Must be why I went to IU, go Big Red!!

The moral of today's art is to look at old and broken objects in a new light. You might create something be-you-to-full all over again!

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